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SafeT Net Program

The SafeT Net Program is designed to guide individuals through a crisis.  This may be an illness or death in the family, job loss, relationship issues, financial difficulties, etc.  Any sudden situation in your life that causes fear, stress, or overwhelm can be a crisis, and without support and guidance it is easy to lose ourselves in the emotions and worst case scenarios. You will learn all about what the acronym SafeTstands for and how it can help you to shift your mindset and feel safe and protected while you navigate the tools to get through the crisis. 



How to surrender to the situation and reallly "let go"


How to activate the "law of free will" to receive guidance and insights


How practice the vibration before the outcome  


Expect and Allow

What does it take to have confidence that everything is working for you not against you and allowing the process.

Exceed your expectations

How to set the intentions that will lead to exceeding your expectations.



How to create and activate a "passion project"


How to discover your highest purpose.


How to maintain a powerful mindset in  gratitude despite the circumstances.

Guide to HAPPINESS Program

This Guide to HAPPINESS program utilizes a similar three-module approach following the outline of my own personal acronym for the word "happy".  This program will help you identify your purpose and live an intentional life full of passion, creativity, and fulfillment!


Believe that being happy is possible.


What you appreciate, appreciates and increases in value.


Fall in love with your dream. You have nothing to lose unless you don’t try!


Contribution - When you’re happy, you want to give back.


Say YES to your happiness and discover what that yields.

Pain the Teacher

Understanding pain as the teacher.

Tools and affirmations to help move through pain

Passion the Lifeforce

How to discover your passions


Creating or expanding a Passion Project

Purpose and Contribution

How to tune into your Inner Voice and tune into guidance

How to launch Rockets of Desire that will liberate and set you free

How to discover your purpose

and contribute to humanity

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